Someone informed me that, the seal is quite clever, and it not only has sex for procreation, but pleasure too. Is this true? What about dolphins, apes and elephants? Wanna know…….lol!

And so far as the animals… The pastor’s answer got it right (clues led me to the Bible). We are the stewards of this earth. Animals have to be cared by us, not the other means around. Our ultimate goal is to reconcile a relationship misplaced with God and if He needs to use animals to remind us of that relationship He is in all His proper to do so. But if we loose sight of this we are going to end up loving the creation and forgetting all collectively the Creator. Talk about loosing the forest for the trees.

I think that the smallest animals and folks may have faster breathing and the bigger animals and other people may have fewer breaths per minute. I think that animals breathe quicker as a result of they’re mainly smaller. My sister, Steffi, and our dog, Violet are about the identical dimension and weight, but I think that Violet will breathe quicker as a result of I assume animals might should breathe quicker because they should run away from predators. Also, Violet is an grownup canine and Steffi is a toddler, so I suppose she would possibly breathe quicker.

It is often believed that the extinction of the Aepyornis was an impact of human exercise. Studies have discovered remains of eggshells among the stays of human fires. Animals arriving with the human colonists, such as rats and canine, may additionally have preyed upon the eggs of the ratite population and diminished their viability. Humans might also have hunted grownup birds into extinction.

Animals and animal symbolism have been part of the historical past and traditions of quite a few cultures. Throughout time, man has revered animals and looked to them with great marvel and amazement. Animals have an excellent deal to show us about ourselves and about our connection to this Earth and all dwelling beings. I imagine many traditions were born from our want to raised perceive ourselves and our world through the statement of Earth’s creatures.