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I watched as a whole group of people, probably between six and ten, waded in a muddy river of their clothes and socks. Did it gross me out? Yes, I can’t lie; nonetheless, I was nearly immediately intrigued. Maybe at first it was out of pure humor to make enjoyable of the hillbillies willing to do something so nasty, however that thought and impression of noodlin’ kind of modified as I continued watching the show.

Unless you’d already spent a while researching the Megalodon shark, do not be too arduous on your self in the event you believed the show. When it comes all the way down to it, really it’s just a harmless tv program, meant to be entertaining and nothing else. But it is disappointing that Discovery doesn’t see enough value in the true Megalodon of cryptozoology, and felt the need to make up a lot nonsense.

Global warning is a cyclical occasion and happens naturally. Why do you assume this planet had several iceages? in between the iceages, there needed to be some hot intervals as nicely. The solely factor to causes international warming is the sun _ NIT us we out into the atmpsphere is NOT enough to cause global warming. There are numerous volcanoes underneath the ocean spewing lava into the oceans. They warm up the water – NOT the atmosphere.

The idea that a fennec fox is a foul pet in captivity because it is not in a desert environment is ludicrous. Her comments about unique pet owners are very hurtful to us and are based mostly off of rampant dangerous logic about how animals dwell. I’d be stunned if there aren’t any unique vets in her space, as a result of Florida allows far more exotics than my state, and I even have about 5 exotic veterinarians that have labored with zoos or wildlife within a 30-40 minute drive of me. I left a vet that solely sees exotics once I was disillusioned with her, and found a zoo vet (only in on Saturdays, usually works with the Animal Medical Center in NYC and the Bronx Zoo) in my hometown.