Well color me excited on this one! No – actually! This is great! And not only as a result of I actually have found something secure and entertaining on-line for my girls to play, but because I get to give 10 (TEN) of my great readers an educational, fun, secure, and barely addictive – even for Mom – product to play!

European Youth Summer Olympic Festival (Tampere, Finland): This funky closing ceremony appears to include a rap-metallic group performing while cheerleaders on stilts (and some not) gyrate surrounded by those big floppy plastic mascots you see waving within the breeze outdoors of automobile dealerships. Soon the stilt cheerleaders get off their stilts and do acrobatics on suspended hoops to trance music. Some belly dancers also level the way in which toward Trabzond, the Turkish Black Sea port hosting the 2011 version of this biennial European youth sports activities competitors.

Now, this is nothing new. I’ve been scammed earlier than (all involving Jam-A-Grams and conspiracies), and I’ll admit there were some early warning indicators that I didn’t heed. It was suspicious that she requested for my purple party hat because I’d modified my animal (it had been an owl) to my penguin that was sporting the purple social gathering hat once I obtained to her den and noticed that she was a penguin. Before I was in her den, I had been an owl. So the truth that she asked for the occasion hat as soon as she saw it on my penguin was suspicious… however I trusted her as a buddy and so I despatched both objects – the epic penguin plushie and the occasion hat.

I’ve also continued to receive posts from adults, most of whom are supportive. I’ve additionally received two offended letters, from adults who do not like me suggesting that the literacy of kids is in any means impacted by video game time, with not a shred of evidence offered, just spewing vitriol in personal attacks. This is an opinion weblog, like every other. I am not going to let them use me as a punching bag to make them feel better about their own selections. If anything, it smacks of insecurity.

House. An outdated home signifies a reunion or renewal of an outdated affiliation. A new home predicts monetary safety. Building a house or seeing one underneath building forecasts sudden acquire, probably by means of a legacy; shopping for a house signifies a short but thrilling love affair; selling a house augurs a launch from pressuring responsibilities. A dream which featured a home being demolished or being an empty one suggests you might be grieving over a latest loss, broken relationship, or missed alternative; do not despair, time really DOES heal all issues.