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Animal PlanetThere is a huge quantity of white noise in our oceans brought about mostly by humans. Many are concerned that ocean sounds may be the reason for mass whale beaching. Today many questions are raised by scientists, researchers, and biologists. The biggest question is whether or not the sonar and white noise induced by people is harmful and even deadly to all marine life.

BIG NEWS: We’re delivering the Care2 petition signed by over 100K of you to Animal Planet THIS WEEK! Click here to say you will be a part of us in Silver Spring MD! Can’t make the trip? No drawback – tweet @AnimalPlanet proper now to share the message that breeding yard zoos should not get TV exhibits, they need to get shut down! The new Applebee’s restaurant in Coney Island celebrates its grand opening Monday — and loss of life is on the menu.

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Exotic PetsAnimal House of Chicago specializes in the care of Avian and Exotic pets. We provide preventive care, husbandry and dietary counseling, behavior consultations, surgical procedure and normal care recommendations in your non-traditional pets. We perceive that each species of unique pet has its personal particular needs for housing, diet and care.

Hi beckie, they’ll look alike, however foxes do not have suitable genomes with canine to provide offspring. I consider it’s simply convergence. Thanks for commenting. Officials now not should be confused about the right way to group all pet species, as I can educate with a logical and factual method on what legal guidelines and laws can feasibly be enforced towards the myriad of species without resorting to bans on any animals. Puppy mills are breeding manufacturing unit farms that hold dogs in cramped cages and pressure feminine canines to breed every time they are in heat (a 5 … Read more

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Exotic PetsWell you are on the right place, so get able to know some mysterious and extremely awkward looking creatures from our blue planet that may be stored as cool pets.

This African primate might be better identified by its other identify ‘bush child’. They are nocturnal animals that have the disagreeable behavior of rubbing their fingers with their very own urine. Being primates, they are unlawful in most states. Those that have managed to escape (which is extra possible than someone dumping them) have either been discovered, captured, or don’t sustain themselves lengthy sufficient to breed and die off shortly after as a result of environmental hazards, corresponding to the great North American cold fronts.

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Animal PlanetDiscovery Consumer Products has tapped Masterpieces to increase its current Animal Planet puzzle line with two new video games.

African myths and tales additionally do capture the existence of mermaids again in historical past. These tales have been handed time and again to generations and although no details are provided, i consider these creature had been in existence and only received extinct on account of environmental modifications. We have seen totally different creatures that had been reported to be extinct coming again to life e.g some varieties of fish. Who is aware of may be mermaids lives amongst us. Voted up, interesting and shared.

They then go on to explain the Aquatic Ape concept. According to the Aquatic Ape Theory states that approximately 6-7 million years ago, our ape ancestors have been trapped in a semi-aquatic environment. This forced them to search for food within the water and turn out … Read more

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Animal PlanetSunday’s documentary” Mermaids: The New Evidence delivered three.6 million viewers, shattering the network’s rankings record. Yup, even larger than the Puppy Bowl. The program will not be solely a hoax, however a sequel to a hoax — to last 12 months’s reasonably effortlessly debunked Mermaids: The Body Found, which fooled extra viewers than you’d assume.

India: Chhattisgarh (a part of Dakshin Kosal) was a colony of Kosala kings recognized to be the Chhattisgarh state and western Orissaa area of India. It could be very rich in rock paintings ranging from the Mesolithic to Historical interval. Dating again to 30,000 BC the websites rock work are of mermaids, snakes, birds, kangaroo-like animals, dancing males and searching scenes.

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Animal PlanetTime and time again, nature reveals us that reality could be stranger than fiction. Here are 25 of the most wondrous and outlandish animals to walk on, crawl over, swim by means of, and soar above this planet.

The straight-faced Mermaids specials (trailer below) principally play like Alien Autopsy for a brand new technology, although no less than the infamous Fox special had Fact or Fiction?” as a nudge-nudge subtitle. Both Animal Planet specials purportedly present video of mermaids in the Greenland Sea, with actors enjoying scientists ( credits ). The specials additionally darkly suggest there’s authorities cover-up of mermaid proof, full with a spin-off web site that says it has been seized by the U.S. Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security.

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Animal PlanetAnimal Planet is uncooked, visceral and immersive entertainment that taps into the primal instincts that drive us all. With compelling stories that resonate with human nature, Animal Planet leads viewers to feel before they assume. We all reside on the identical planet, however Animal Planet takes you to a distinct world.

The inaptitude of some shouldn’t set any precedent for the accountable to personal and keep such animals anymore than an incapable guardian ought to inspire laws on human reproduction (actually considerably less so for obvious reasons in my not at all humble opinion) I guess there are too many who function on an emotional level – extra concerned with the anththropomorphic beliefs they errantly assert to animals than the human freedoms that ought to be assumed – particularly in this country.

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