11 Most Dangerous Wild And Exotic Indian Pets (5)

At Winrose we’re fortunate enough to treat numerous completely different animal sufferers, together with many unique pets. When I say exotic pets, I’m talking about animals which can be saved in a household as a companion and aren’t native or indigenous to the world where the homeowners dwell. In North America, specifically the Canadian prairie, this includes most reptiles, many birds and even animals like guinea pigs. In the veterinary world we frequently include animals that are native to the realm, such as the corn snake, within the class of exotics as a result of there may be limited info on proper care and diet for these species. This makes them unique to us medically regardless of them being native to our area of the country.

It is recommended you keep more than one ferret however not impossible. I actually have simply the one which we rescued from our native centre. They were having bother re-homing him as after weeks & weeks of trying he would not mix with different ferrets. This is fairly unusual but there are loads who are the same. He was only a loner”! The rescue centre we had ours from had one other four who they could not mix due to the same purpose.

Ferrets – We are equipped to handle the medical and surgical illnesses of ferrets. Dr. Krupka is skilled in surgical procedures such as adrenalectomies, cryosurgery, pancreatectomies, and extra. His work with Ferrets Unlimited Rescue Services, a local ferret rescue group, has allowed Dr. Krupka to stay at the forefront of ferret medication.

We found a baby duckling just days old. we introduced it residence and fell in love. sadly by daughter stepped backward and killed him. we’re just devastated. he was only 2 weeks outdated. We desparately want another. I am going to the lake where we discovered him on the lookout for another runt or undesirable duckling. hope to search out one. I simply loved him. It was the most rewarding experience for our family. yes the poop was horrible however we purchased diapers but have been waiting until he obtained big enough. We miss you Sweet Pea.

Hi Danette, I’ve heard of that incident. Monkeys might be very possessive. The chew was not severe however it’s protocol to screen such animals for rabies and other illnesses are a concern, which is why hospitalization often occurs. However it’s extremely unlikely that sole pet monkeys can have one thing. They really must not be taken out in public, that may be a silly factor to do, especially with Old world monkeys like macaques. So far this 12 months no ‘pet’ exotics have killed or critically injured any individual but canine, notably ‘bully breeds’ have several instances.