It is often claimed by animal rights group that unique pets are harmful, that they spread illness, encourage poaching and the unlawful wildlife commerce, that they’re unsuitable for living in captivity, and a slew of other bullet points of ‘bad stuff’. All of this stuff are either half-truths, myths, or by no means apply to the majority of exotic animals stored as pets, but people are quite comfortable with accepting that any animal that doesn’t fit the standard mildew must be an unethical selection of pet.

In all ways Rush has accomplished a unbelievable job. The enclosure the place she retains her animals is clear. Despite the financial pressures, they’re properly fed and content. She is 100 percent dedicated and, on prime of that, has managed to carve out for herself a life that fits her, a sustaining interdependent neighborhood of breathing beings, and this is no small factor.

Teacup puppies are bred particularly to be micro-sized little canine with a guaranteed lifespan of 1 year. They are normally small enough to fit right into a teacup or the palm of your hand when weaned off and do not grow much, if any, larger. You can distinguish these dogs by their small physique, brief legs and enormous heads. They have been particularly designed to appear to be cartoon cute pups with massive eyes, big heads and little bodies. I’m certain you have seen one thing similar in toy shops.

Numerous species have been efficiently captive-bred in the U.S. and have eradicated the need to take animals from the wild. Most exotic pets, apart from marine life, will be assumed to be either captive bred or ranch-raised in a foreign country, especially if it is a species not native to South East Asia. Exotic mammals like fennec foxes, coatimundi, and kinkajou are normally obtained from smaller zoos and licensed breeders.

Nice attempt suggesting that unique pets come from shady sellers. You don’t have any clue where I or the Dr.K clients’ acquired their pets from. That’s just your prejudiced view of owners who’ve animals you don’t care to own. You must be utterly ashamed of your self. Your rattling frogs and snakes can come from shady breeders/brokers just as exotics or canine can. There had been NO tigers or cobras on the show. Stop it with the damn fiction to prove your level.